poster requirements



TITLE (Font-14, Bold)

Author name1, Author name2, Author name3, etc. (Font-12, Bold, underline the presenter)

1, 2, 3 Affiliation with Institute, University, City, Country,

Email ID of the author presenter (Font-10, Italic)



Abstract (Font-14, Bold)

Abstract should be within 100 to 300 words. Font- 12, Times New Roman, Italics, in paragraph form, focusing on purpose of research, methodology adopted, findings and conclusion. Use 1.5 line space for whole paper except title, authors name and affiliation. All paper should be in Times New Roman Style & Use Normal Page Layout margins. In title, authors name and affiliation, use only 1.0 line spacing

Keywords (Font-12 Bold), 3-5 words



Size : 60 x 90 cm

The contents of the poster include backgroud, methodology, result, discussion, conclusion, suggestion, aknowledgement, reference. Pictures size adjusted with the poster size.




Sample Oral Poster

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